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Flaming Grill Vinyl Banner
Disc Ace Ultimate Discs Flyer Design
Summit Church Sermon Series Flyer
Shaken Logo Design
Round Rock Fire Dept. Celtic Crest Design
Hugo's Event Flyer






Graphic design features within Parkhurst's work.

Vinyl Banner Design - Flaming Grill

Banner designs typically require a unique look at marketing. Despite having more surface area to utilize for graphic space you want to put as little as possible on it so that the reader can understand it with a glance given the setting the banner will be placed in. The next time you see a banner put your hand out in front of your face and tell me if your hand is bigger or the banner that is 30 or 50 feet away. You may come to realize that the vinly banner is acutally smaller within its surroundings than a web banner because of how far away it is from you. This is why a simple design is critical on vinyl banners.

The Flaming Grill banner design utilizes a technique that makes the letters of the words look as though they were on fire, which in itself is attention grabbing, but the reason flames were used were not only for its textural appeal but also for it's colors. In this specific example the banner is advertising a food service, and to help initiate an appetite the flames warm colors of oranges help make that happen. Another teqhnique that is used here is the font contrast between "Flaming Grill" and "Full Service Atering". Doing this allows the reader to seperate the two text pieces and quickly read both lines.

Flyer Design - Disc Ace

A very optimal approach to flyer designs is feature one specific product or service. In this example an Ultimate disc is the key highlight. The what "Ultra-Stars" is presented first followed by the appeal, a "$5.94" sale. In most instances a call to action would be necessary but in this particular case the flyers were not going to be used with an audience that needed to take action after viewing this design in the series.

The objective in this case is to best capsulate the product in an appealing way. To do this a design using roughly 30 design pieces were overlapped to create a subtle background texture, smoke, and various lightings to show off the white disc.

Flyer Design - Summit Community Church

Summit Community Church was about to launch a new sermon series for the new year. They wanted a design that represented the stress of many people's life with a hard grunge feel and a focal point of that stress. To do this Parkhurst used an image of a stress ball being squeezed to represent that stress and then created an unique grunge background that pulled together several layers includeing an old film strip slide. The opacity of these layers were mixed throughout the background to give a dynamic look and highlight the un-grunged hand ultimately focusing in on the only color object. To be consistant with the rest of the church's branding the overall flyer was smoothed out using floral design flourishes and a simple and clean san-serif font.

Logo Design - Shaken

The Shaken logo uses a few strong design elements that you want to find in any branding piece. The first is the simple icon, in this case it's an arrow pointing diagonally in two directions. This icon, though extremely simple, effectively displays what the name of the organization is "Shaken". The next element is a simple, clean, and bold font. Yet the font is unique. Still seperating the font from other design are design flourishes that extend from each letter leaving a whispy and fun escence for the viewer to attract to. In this display of the logo design an old and elegant grunge background is added to highlight the colors and bring earthiness to image.

Crest Design - Round Rock Fire Department

The Round Rock Fire Department has a Celtic band made up of fire fighters who compete annually in their kilts to put on a good show for the local area. To step things up a notch the commission a design for their drumhead to be made and this was the result.

Flyer Design - Cole Apartments

Cole Apartments hosted a happy hour event for their residents at Hugos restaraunt and needed to get the word out. Keeping with the restaraunt's theme, Parkhurst created a bright and happy design with complimenting colors as well as diverse typography.

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